Alternatives To Widget Mode?

Hello everyone.

I'm testing the widget mode on a project, and it's really interesting deployment that can make your store.

The widget mode lets you configure the same store but with a different appearance, if you want, and insert it into other domains to take advantage of these domains.

But from my point of view is very limited. You only have the ability to make a single choice, and this is a problem if you want to work with multiple domains of several partners. It is also somewhat stiff if your store is structured with several categories and would like to work them separately.

Until earlier versions of CS-Cart, 3.X and earlier, we worked with custom development to “iframes” of each product. In this way, we could insert our complete product form in the most appropriate pages.

The truth is that our conversion ratio grew.

It would be very interesting to work the line to do a more flexible widget, for example enable options to inserted one or more selected products, an entire category, or the entire store,… In addition, the user traffic would be direct, without using third parties.

This would be a very powerful tool.

But until this happens (or not), do any plugin or development that allows insert a product or a category on other sites?

Does anyone know an alternative?