Alternative to PayPal Pro


I’d like to have in my store a payment method where the customer doesn’t have to go through the process of being redirect to another site (like Paypal Standard) and them after the payment is done been redirect again to the store.

I know that with PayPal Pro the users never leave the site and the credit card payment is done within the store. I was very happy to discovery this, but I just saw that PayPal pro is available just for US and UK, and i’m in China. :frowning:

There is any other payment gateway that works like Paypal Pro, that the payment can be processed within the store, and the user never leaves the site?

thanks, very much.

Just curious, what do you sell?

Hi, actually we are not a Chinese company, my company is in another country but I drop-ship from a Chinese Manufacturer, and I want to set my merchant payment processor with my manufacturer account thats is in China.

I Drop-ship Mp3, Mp4, peripherals and accessories.