Alternate product view images?

I apologize for my lack of knowledge, but have no experience with cscart. We have a client whose old site was hosted on cscart. He has moved to a different shopping cart on a new server but all the files from his old site still reside on our server (although dns points elsewhere).

We are assisting him with his new site, and he has successfully recovered his products from the database, but this is his problem:

We found both detailed and thumbnail images in images/images_backup/product_images but client says his products had multiple images each. I can see in the database that it seems to be referring to multiple images (for example, product_id 31529 has several pair_id Image_id and detailed_id listed in one table) - but those images aren’t in the images/images_backup/product_images

Where can these alternate product view images be found? Since dns doesn’t point to the cscart, I assume I need to ftp the images when I can find them, and not use any export function.

Any assistance to someone unfamilar with cscart would be GREATLY appreciated.