Alt Team Multi Shop

I was wondering if anyone is using the Alt Team multi store add on and if so how is working out?

What are the differences between CS Cart Ultimate version and the Alt Team add on?


I'm using it. It works half decently but I've spotted some bugs that I've fixed myself. Although I'm sure if you messaged alt-team they would fix it for you.

The only reason I went with that mod was because CS-Cart Ultimate was months away and we needed something sooner. If I had to make that same decision today, I would go with CS-Cart Ultimate. It's a native solution and upgrades wont break your cart. I can't say the same for alt-team's mod, so I'm stuck in the 2.2 branch until I make the leap to v3.

Last time I spoke to them, they also hadn't decided whether they would support v3 with their mod. Therefore, be careful as it may go 'end of life'.