Merry Christmas to all CS-Carters

I ran an SEO audit of my site and it indicated several errors from missing ALT-Text in most of my images. This is true, as vendors usually leave this field blank. Is there a smart way to auto-fill the ALT-TEXT of images with e.g. the product title in case it is left blank?

Also, in your opinions, how detrimental for SEO are missing ALT-Texts?


Thank you John. Have you tried this addon?

no I havent I had another one a long time ago, I think was done by the alt team

Thank you Jon. Do you have an opinion on how important for SEO it is to have ALT-Texts?

Yes, they are good to allow crawl of your images ths allowing them to be shown better and do generally improve the overall impression of your site to search engines

I am using this

Darius, I am also using the same addon. It does not, however, actually add text in the alt-text fields of the images (or does it) but somehow overrides the text which appears on mouse-over. Right?

It ownt neccessarily show in the admin alt text filed, just in the fron end where it matters.