also bought ?

Where is the also bought add-on?

You need to make sure that the ‘Customer also bought’ addon is installed and active in Administration->Addons. You then need to create a block in the Products tab of Design->Blocks set up as follows:

Block content: Products

Filling: Also bought


Fisrt part is OK for me.

Then: Edit Product “A” → Blocks → Also Bought Block → ticked enable for this product…

Cannot find how to set product “A” to show was “also bought” with product “B” ?

I think it’s done for you, Aerofan. You don’t have to assign a product to another product. CS-Cart will show the products bought when another product was purchased.

If someone else knows differently, please correct me. I have the block set up but my cart is still being developed so haven’t seen the block working yet.



Thanks Stephanie