Alphbetically correct sub categories?

Is there anyway to automatically alphabetise sub categories?

Thanks :smiley:

edit: cant believe I spelt the title wrong !!

I’m not sure if you can just do subcats but I posted a thread(I think in Hints and Modifications) where/what to edit for Alphabetical Categories sorting

Can you provide a link to your post please?

I had the same problem.

Cs-cart is set up to sort by position which you have to change.

Belive i got the below method from a previous post.

in core/fn.cataog.php

change the part in RED . change ‘sort_by’ => ‘position’, to ‘name’

// --------------------------------------

// Gets all visible nodes of the category, start from the root

// fn_get_categories(0, true, 234)

function fn_get_categories($params = array(), $lang_code = CART_LANGUAGE)


$default_params = array (

‘category_id’ => 0,

‘visible’ => false,

‘current_category_id’ => 0,

‘simple’ => true,

‘plain’ => false,

‘sort_order’ => ‘desc’,

‘limit’ => 0,

‘sort_by’ => [COLOR=“Red”]‘name’,[/COLOR]

‘item_ids’ => ‘’,

‘group_by_level’ => true,

‘get_images’ => false


$params = array_merge($default_params, $params);

This fixed all the categories but I only want the subcategories to be sorted alphabetically