Alphabetize the Manufacturers List

Hey all,

I went through the Knowledgebase to find out how to alphabetize the Manufacturers list I have going, but the way the KB is set up compared to the way the skin/template editor is set up doesn’t seem to match. Can somebody help me with the proper codes to get everything in order?


In the admin area under manufactures you can assign a position number

I would, but we have a rather fluid and growing list of over 100 and the “keep it at zero to alphabetize” doesn’t seem to be working. I was jhoping there was some sort of coding I could put in the template somehow that would correct the problem, similar to what the Knowledgebase has set up.

Thanks for the reply though.

I think there is another way. I did see a thread a while back. Maybe searching.

Check this thread


That’s what they give in the Knowledgebase, but the Addons/Manufacturers folder doesn’t have php files in it anymore, it carries .tpl files. And none of which appear to have the line of code expressed here to reorder everything alphabetically.

Thanks for the assist though. If anyone else knows what .tpl file to change or if I’m just going about this the wrong way, please let me know.


Your looking in the wrong place,