Alpha release of the CS-Cart Multivendor edition

[quote name=‘teksigns’]download not working … click link … opens save as window .

click save and it just sits there and never does anything until it times out …


Please check once again, should be ok now.

[quote name=‘imac’]Please check once again, should be ok now.[/QUOTE]

yes, i’ts ok now

When I unzip, I get an error message: “Bad data” I’ve downloaded twice. And tried to unzip with two different programs. Please advise.

Try with Firefox. IE breaks certain files.

Thanks! I was using Firefox to download the files. Any other ideas?

[quote name=‘jobosales’]This should generate some interest. Too bad I am going on vacation for a few weeks. Drats.


Bob - For as many people as you help out on this forum, you should get a free version. You have my vote. Thanks for all your help over the years…