Almost ready to buy, couple questions left

So far my testing with cs-cart has been great. Only a couple hurdles to cross before I recommend to owner to go this route.

Item # 1

All of our pruducts have a additional supply kit thta a customer can buy. I would like the product and the supply kit to be next to each other with only one add to cart button so the can choose qty for each and click once to add to cart. (here is a link to another site that is close to what I would like to see.[URL=“”][/URL] I have tried out the product options, it adds the price to the main item and does not line item out the supply kit on the invoice, nor let me chose from product on site.

Then tried out product confiurator. It was better, but agin not quite there. It did give me line items but added its price into the main product. On the product screen I would also like to be able add qtys to the components. And one more quirk when the main product is found in a search it does not show the price (with out any added components). The price only show on product screen.

Item #2

Can I create a page that would show many small images of parts ( maybe 5 columns and many rows with small image, qty box and Part #) then a Add to cart button at top and bottom that would add all parts that have a qty in there respective qty field?


David DeWitt

Wow, I can’t believe no one has replied to this previously.

I’m brand new… but it’s immediately obvious to me that the cs-cart “required products” feature would suit the functionality you require. As for displaying them side-by-side on one product listing page… and “one click” performs an operation in which multiple SKUs are added to the cart… regardless which cart app you’re using, that sounds like a custom-coding job.