Allowing A User To Edit Multiplte Storefront Admins


I need to be able to allow a usergroup to be able to edit products in the admin on some of my storefronts in my multistore setup.

But I am unable to figure out how to share only some of the admins. I have six stores but want a perticular user to be able to add products/ share products etc between only two storefront and have no access to view or edit info in others.

Any suggestions.


I think that would require some very specific custom programming. Not a big job, but would be very "static" in nature and if you wanted to adjust it in the future, you'd probably have to go back in the code to do so.

I'd think the best way would be to make a particular usergroup applicable only to your desired storefronts. It would be denied for others. But would have to analyze it in more detail with a good use-case.

Agree, it is not possible out of the box