Allow ordering when out of stock

Playing with cs on localhost and noticed this.

If the box “show out of stock products” in admin/settings/general is unticked, and stock count is zero, the item is shown as “out of stock” and doesnt allow ordering.

If however the box is ticked to show out of stock products, the item is shown as “in stock” and allows ordering of the product.

Is that right ?, shouldnt it say something like, this item currently out of stock, but can still be ordered or out of stock, but will be back ordered ?



What version are you running? It seems to work properly in 2.0.12.


[quote name=‘jobosales’]What version are you running? It seems to work properly in 2.0.12.


Hello Bob. 2.0.12… further…

This particular item I imported from my live Clickcartpro cart and the stock count was zero at import time.

After your reply I went back and changed the stock to 2, then bought the item twice, on the 3rd attempt it said out of stock, so its now correctly working.

I think I might have confused it by manually filling values in the csv import !

… Now onto the next test :slight_smile:

I think I’m getting horribly close to handing over some money :slight_smile:

Clickcartpro is nice, but has a totally unusable back end (imo !)

Thanks for your help.


You also need to make sure the Inventory setting for the product is set to Track with or without Options and not to Do not track. If it’s not set properly, the item will still show as available for ordering even with the box checked for out of stock products to show.

Backordering is not a function of CS-Cart. You can probably mod the appropriate template to put in the wording you want if quantity is 0 but ordering is still allowed. Don’t ask me how to do it, though, because I’m no expert on coding! LOL!

I really don’t understand the “Buy in advance”. The only thing it appears to do is the same thing as if you have “Show out of stock” and “Allow negative inventory” checked. Like nigelt said, you would think there would be some text that states that the item is out of stock but you can purchase in advance.

The “Buy in advance” feature was working in 2.0.8. It seems it is broken probably when they replaced the

I’ve reported it in the Bug Tracker: