Allow Customers to Repeat Their Previous orders

It would be nice if customers can log in to their account and repeat / duplicate their last order. If they could place all their previous items from their history shopping list inside the cart without having to search for all of them. Like the online grocery store.



There's an admin setting for “Allow order again” or something similar. So when they view their order details (the invoice) then there's a button at the top to “Order this order again”.

Yes, any of your customers can login to their account, view order history, open a prior order and see the option to “Reorder This Order”. Just a good old fashioned “Grocery List” like you mention! ;)

I must be ready for New years eve cocktails :shock: or something because there is nothing inside the Admin that says, allow customers to order again. If there is I really would appreciate help finding it. I also logged in “on behalf of Customer” and there is nothing there to view order history for the customer. The only links I can see inside the customers “My Account” area are (General, Credit Card, Usergroup). Am I missing something… Can you help me figure out where this is located?

Thank you

Almond Joy ;-)

Apparently in the Dark Whiteness Template it doesn’t allow space for that in the customers account. But figured it out thank you. Now To have to pay more dough to a coder. :-(

In dark whiteness skin, Act on behalf of (only registered customers obviously) > orders> then in “orders” select the order you want and then click re order this order.




re order.JPG