All Thumbnails Missing On Cloned Website (2500)

Hi there, I was trying to clear cached images on the company website for as images weren't showing on the broswer and clicked Administration > Storage > **clean up generated images** as well and all the thumbnails have disappeared now?

Showing ok on the main uk website.

Can I revert back to an earlier version of the website or is there some way of pulling in the thumbnails on the ie site again? We use plesk as the server to make changes as well.

I really don't know how what to do here. There's over 2500 products on the website. SOme of the product images are still there but arent shown when you click into the product detail page.

Any advice really really appreciated...

Many thanks in advance

At first make sure that you have free disk space on the server

At first make sure that you have free disk space on the server

Hi there, thankyou for your reply. I'll check that out cheers.

I got someone to look at it last night and they accessed the server, and went to var directory , renamed a cache folder so that the website I assume was totally rebuilt. Everything more less seems to be visible again though a few large product detail images are not visible yet or maybe corrupt, not sure.

Many thanks