All Product Info Has Disapeared Help Needed Asap

Hi guys

All the product info has disapeared from our website. Products are still on the backend and all other website functions are ok. On the product pages themselves, everything but the product info is displayed.

Can anyone help please. I'm sure this is a pretty simple fix but we can't figure out what is going on. <---- this is what I've got

And now all the in category listings have gone as well.

But products are still in “Hot Products” etc

it looks like a mess in block layouts, for example the “Main content” block is missed on category page layout, e.g. you may check correct default layout on cs-cart demo

if it doesn't help, analysis service is needed so please don't hesitate to contact us

Managed to repair the product listings, I just have no products showing in the category menus now. If anyone can help.

I've actually managed to repair everything and for a complete novice to cs-cart.

All that needed to be done was make the main content box was back on every page, somehow I had removed it.

great to hear that it is resolved :-)

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction! :)

you are welcome