All Paypal Orders Are Marked As "failed"

Hello Folks,

We need some help with our order status. Since 2 days, all orders paid through Paypal are being marked as “Failed” in CS-cart 3.0.2 although all payments are being processed by Paypal fine. We checked our order status mapping and it looks like the attached image.

We are using our primary paypal email in the account settings and have no other alternate email in our Paypal.

If somebody can suggest what are we doing wrong with our cs-cart settings or Paypal settings?


YOu Too ?

We had this messing around a few weeks back, there are other threads on it. Cs released a piece of code to fix it, which sorted it BUT I too now notice my paypal orders are showing as failed or “incomplete” again,but when I go to them they are fine in paypal.

For now I have marked my “failed” status not to email customers so I can check manually and so they dont try and pay twice or by another method.

Paypal must have changed something again.

Mine is on V3.06


Nice to know that I am not the only one… :mrgreen: :mrgreen: So even I will have to do this temporary workaround until CS-cart is able to resolve this. Obviously something changed at Paypal’s end which is not behaving well with CS-cart’s parameters.

This happens to us as well ,but just 1 out of maybe 15 or so orders.

Any fix to this Paypal issue yet? Any fix from Cs-cart support team?

Same issue here. We thought it was our firewall or something. Sounds like it is something else now. Wonder if the new Paypal IPN that is in 4.2.4 will fix this issue. Cs-Cart & Multi-Vendor 4.2.4 With Paypal Ipn Support Released - News and Announcements - CS-Cart Community Forums