All New Anti-Hack Features Powered 500 Cc 8 Core 8 Gb Cloud Vos3000 Version Just For $49/month

At Datasoft Networks, We are excited to introduce 500 CC 8 Core 8 GB Cloud VOS3000 with New Anti-Hack features $49/month to prevent all types of hacking.

Normally we face three types of Hacking Attacks on VOS3000 Servers.

  1. Admin Password hacking attempts. Solution - Change Admin URL port to a non default one like 43595 and allow only your IP in Firewall to access that port.

  2. Port 80 User Account Scanning for Passwords. Solution - Install FAIL2BAN module to block any IP which tries to scan User Accounts for passwords. Please see screen shot to see how it works.

  3. SIP Port 5060 Dialer Scann attack with multiple IPs. This is the most common VOIP attack with 100s of IPs trying to scan port 5060 to send traffic. Solution - Install Port 5060 AntiHack module. Plesae see screen shot to see how it works.

We have all our VOS3000 Servers protected with all above modules.

FREE 24 Hours Days Trial Available for VOS3000 Servers Version

8 Core 8GB Cloud VOS3000 500 CC - $49/M
8 Core 8GB Dedicated VOS3000 1000 CC - $89/M

24/7 Round the Clock Premium application support and configuration support for above preinstalled Servers is also available starting at just $49/month Visit and chat to our specialists to learn more!