All images are broken

Hi all, I just got all of the installation to go through properly, but I’m seeing an issue with all of the images of the sample products being broken.

I’ve also tried to create a few sample products and the system seems to be attempting to create the image I’m setting, but looking in the /images/ folder it is not there.

I tried using the knowledgebase article [url]CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation about checking the permissions of the folder. I switched between 755 and 777 (where it’s at presently), and still nothing. I get the “no image” icon when I actually view the store.

Anyone countered this and know of a way around it?

9 times out of ten it is one of these things

Make sure the column header on import is spelt correct upper and lower case

Same for the file extension, make sure the images you uploaded have the same case as the imported file name case.

is the file path correct? copy the image url via ftp and compare it with your spreadsheet

Usually it s one of these simple things


Thanks so much I’ll check it out.