Aligning Display On Mobile

Good day

My products and the price are not aligned on mobile version only. See attached. I am unsure how to fix it.

I would appreciate any help!



Looks like you use 3rd party theme. It is better to contact theme developer with this question

You can also check your source code. Have a look at the scaling settings for example in css or javascript code, of course if you're writing it on your own. If not, contact the theme developer

We are using the CS-cart theme. We just customized it.

We just customized it.

Ask a person who made changes for your theme to fix the issue. Anyway examination is required

Thanks we made the changes ourselves using theme editor and will the help of the developers at cs-cart however our customer service expired - so they can't help anymore, Will it help if I posted the code here?

Please share URL of your website here

I managed to solve it! But thanks for the help.

I just centre aligned everything - and somehow it also worked on mobile