Alexbranding - Content Protection From Copying - Free In August!

New addon - content protection from copying

This add-on will make difficult life for content thief (developed by the recommendations of SEOs and professional content managers):

- a ban on the call to the context menu in all locations except the entry forms
- a ban on conventional text selection by hot keys Ctrl + A, Ctrl + Right, Ctrl + Left, Ctrl + Top, Ctrl + Bottom, and double-click on the content area
- mouse dragging ban

The solution works in all modern browsers.

This solution will not save from parsing the content by special scripts, but the thief argument "Secretary copied, do not know anything" does not work now.

Just MUST HAVE solution for sites that written with unique content (product descriptions, categories Infopages).



demo - please try it

New version of addon protect your product images also. See full description on addon page.

FREE only in august!!!!


But you can use snipping tool and copy the image.