Alexbranding - Category Banners (Among Products In Lists)

Let me introduce a new addon - Category banners

The sence of the addon is to create an alternative banner management system, which items can take up a position of a product grid in category products listings.

How it works with amin panel and frontend see on demo video

Key features and benefits of the addon:

  • - alternative site banner placement among the products (we take the position of needed product in list, shifting the remaining lower on the list, ie banner takes grid of the product)
  • - the ability to specify the position for the banner in the list of goods (global addon configuration)
  • - the ability to specify a specific timeline display banner (the date of the activity dates banner from the beginning to the end)
  • - !!!!! the ability to specify the display time of the banner on a specific day of the week and the desired time !!!! (For example, we can show a banner only on Monday morning and Saturday evening)
  • - the ability to place different banners in different product categories
  • - the possibility of rotating banners (if the same place in the same category assigned to some different banners)


Addon in work - look demo

Tested on big stores with significant increase in orders quantity.

Very good