Ajax Links

What is the button code to use to create an anchor tag that when clicked will make an ajax request to the server (no data payload).

I.e. anchor to have text of “my link” and would be dispatched to “my_addon.my_mode”.

In the controller, I just want to do an 'I' type notification making a cheap pop-up dialog that contains a form that when submitted will close the dialog. The subsequent ajax request (submitting of the form) will then give a normal 'N' type notification of the action taken.

I've tried copying various {button } code from different addons like wishlist, etc. but I can't seem to get it to work.

Any pointers or specific code?

Actually, the whole request is not quite clear, but please try:

{include file="buttons/button.tpl" but_href="my_addon.my_mode" but_meta="cm-ajax" but_text=__('button_name') but_role="act"}

That worked great. I think I had but_role=“text” instead of but_role=“act”.

Much appreciated.


is it possible while customer seeing a product in quick view, once he clicks submit, the quick view dialog to close?