I have a general question - just installed 2 or 3 2.1.1 out of the box shops - and when I add a test product to the cart (ajax) I get the loading just sitting there and bottom left status bar of IE8 is giving me this:

Message: ‘data’ is null or not an object

Line: 180

Char: 3

Code: 0

URI: [url]http://www.mydomain.com/js/ajax.js[/url]

seems wierd that I am getting this on different sites - any ideas guys?

Edited: Sorry I should say the i have changed the design on each of these sites - slightly - but nothing really removed that I would expect to affect this js file. Another edit - just changed the skin to BASE to see if it was my small template changes and even with base still the same. Wierd

Thanks in advance

just an update all - after 2 hours of trying to identify the difference - turning off ajax add to cart etc - it was in fact that I had an index.html on the site while site being created and standard htaccess file from cscart - I removed my index.html temporarily and problem solved. So there you have it.

hope that helps someone else in the future.


I was having the same problem and renamed my index.htm file and the add to cart ajax worked. When I rename the file back to index.htm it stops working. There seems to be a bug when you have custom static html pages in the root directory along with the store being in the root directory. I modified my .htaccess file to remove the .htm extention and it worked great…but my site went back to the default index.php page as my main site’s page. I need the site to go to my custom index.htm page and not the index.php page.

I am wondering if there is an easy fix for this?

I am considering moving my store install from the root directory to a standalone directory such as /cart/

I think that will fix the issue…any other ideas?