Ajax Image Menu For 422

Make beautiful Menu in CS-Cart version 4.x Make faster Menu in v4.x

Ajax Mega Menu will make it look better and faster as it uses Ajax functions to load everything. Apart from this you get to show main categories pictures right in your menu, make it more attractive.

Now our menu is responsive! Works fine with CS-Cart 4.2.2

You can buy it in http://www.cscart.biz/ajax-mega-menu-for-4.x.html for 30€





Is it the same as the mega menu pro addon?

[quote name='NaMo' timestamp='1411202423' post='192559']

Is it the same as the mega menu pro addon?


Hi Namo

no this is a simpler menu that uses the second level category images with a smooth moovment to open a dropdown box. Its also responsive.

Have a look here leweb.gr/cs422


Internal server error. Link not accessible

Hi NAmo

thats Arvixe with its servers… I apologize but you should try cleaining your cache and eventually it will work. This is what they told me when I asked them to explain me why I dont see my site!!!



well the hover on the menu is not working fine. I guess there are some issues with it. When I try to move the cursor on the category name twice or thrice, then the dropdown appears

Hi NaMo

I have alsonoticed that on the test server, and I am checking this, but so far only on this installation is happening this.

I will inform you soon.

Thank you for your help