AJAX help

Hi everyone,

I’m developing additional payment module (at least I’m trying to do this).

What I need is to make AJAX request and receive a couple of variables as reply.

I’m doing following:

on button click

fn_ajax_http_request('target_script.php', 'i_dont_know_what_is', null, null, null, true);

contents of target_script.php (located in strore’s root)

```php include 'classes/ajax/JsHttpRequest.php';
$JsHttpRequest =& new JsHttpRequest("utf-8");

$GLOBALS['_RESULT'] = array('krivedko'=>'test_content');
?> ```

System just shows Loading… and stops.

Could somebody please give just a simple example how to send and receive vars via AJAX in CS-Cart?

Hope this stuff will be usefull for someone also.

Thank you!