Ajax add to cart options


When someone adds something to his cart with "AJAX(Javascript)-based the “Add to cart” button " checked on, you should get the option to go to you shopping cart or to checkout when people get the messages that the product has been added to the cart.


There is a hack for this. Turn off the Ajax add to cart. Search the forum.

I think Weccop may be asking for something similar I wanted.

What I was looking for is code so that there would be two buttons when adding to the cart. One would say something like " Add to Cart and Check out", the button next to it would say " Add to Cart, Keep Shopping" The shopper would have the choice.

Has any one implemented this?


What i mean is, when you add something in the cart you get the popup saying it is added to the cart. I would like to see 2 links in that popup where you can choose to go to your cart to view the items or to go the checkout page.