Age Verification In 4.3.x Store

I have a 4.3 store that has one category that offers items that some people might find offensive (adult related).

I thought that I could use age verification as a barrier to stop them from seeing what is in the category unless they really want to.

However, the age verification seems kinda lame. Unless I'm using it wrong. I set up the addon for that category. When accessing the category I would input the age “18” and submit. Then it didn't do anything. It didn't take me to the category. Nor did it give any kind of message. It just stayed on the age verifications screen. It looks like I could then navigate back and get into the category. But that is highly unintuitive. Is this really how it works?

Does anyone have suggestions on how to make it go to the protected category after verifying the age?

Or, is there a better way to require a users approval before being allowed into the category? A simple pop up message with a warning and then a choice of Ok or Cancel would be fine.

Thanks for any help!

We reproduced this issue on the demo store. Please post it to the bug tracker

Yes, that was a bug.

Fix will be included in 4.3.4