Age Restriction - Under 18's

I am building a new site aimed at selling eliquids. This is an age restricted product and I am struggling to get the site to work as it should.

We have enabled the Age verification addon, however we dont like the way it works out of the box, so we created a pop up asking customers to confirm if they are over 18 before they can view our site.

We need to keep a record of all customers dates of birth, however if they enter a date under 18, then we cant have them buying from our store. We have added the birthday on the profile page which is needed to create an account. I have tested this with a date of birth under 18, and I can still purchase from our store.

Does anyone know of an addon or some way to stop under 18's ordering from us?

Also, we would need the date of birth on the profile to be uneditable once they have entered their date of birth when they first register.

Many thanks,


We failed to find such a module on the marketplace. if you do not find ready to use solution, feel free to contact us to get a free quote for this mod

OK, thank you. I have sent you a message for a quote.

Our manager will contact you shortly. Thank you

The add-on will require a small custom modification and will be what you need :)

Please check and let me know if this will help you