After Upgrade To 4.1.4 Cs-Cart Keeps Forgetting My Settings

I’d really appreciate anyone’s help on this. I recently upgrade my site from 3.0.6 to 4.1.4. I did this by doing a fresh install of 4.1.4 in a subdirectory, doing a store import using the Store Import add-on, then worked on the design, then finally yesterday used the Store Import add-on again, to actualize the data before going live. Then I moved the site out of the subfolder into the root of my domain.

Problem is, my cart keeps forgetting settings. Last night I went through EVERY shipping method, adding my username (like for USPS and UPS realtime); but today all that information has disappeared. This means that when someone goes to place an order, they get a message that there are no shipping options for their location. Really?!

Any insight would be really appreciated since no one can place orders on my site right now.

Could be a conflict with an existing addon


We have a similar problem with Manufacturers (which still exists). If you list them say 20 per page and edit one everything seems ok but in fact the edit isn't saved, same when creating a new manufacturer it isn't saved.

If listed 10 or less then edits and created manufacturers are saved.

Might be a similar thing, worth a try.