After creating new account

Is it possible to change what happens after one successfully creates a new account?

This is the page that is shown when one is filling out a new user registration form.


This is what is shown immediately after hitting the submit button.


I think it is not clear enough to the customer that they have successfully created an account. Yes, the “Register” button is now a “Save” button, and yes, the small notification window briefly appears in the upper right corner, but I still think it is too easy for a customer to think they haven’t succeeded.

Is it possible to make show a different page, perhaps with some message about thanking them for creating an account, instead of showing this account-details change form that is very similar to the account creation form?



Excuse the bump. But I’m hoping to get a few more eyes on this post.

Anyone have any ideas?


Not going to help you in the near-term but you can vote to have this included in a future release: