Afraid to upgrade...don't want to loose my skin


I’ve tried to rename my skin, put it in skin’s repository and then install it, but when I do this, in my shop I can’t see the language selection flags. I’ve tried this procedure with two different test servers, the result is the same.

I don’t know what I’m doing wrong…

Bottom line, if I upgrade to 2.0.7 will I loose my skin changes (since I still have it with original name)?

Thank you

Before upgrading backup your skins directory because some things will change including style.css and your templates. Read the changelog and upload your saved files.

Thank you Roban. Correct me if I’m wrong, I must upload my saved skin overriding the existing one in /skins after upgrade, right?

Not quite. I can only tell you what I did. I did not upload the entire skins directory. I uploaded the images and css files. Once you do that, check your site.

I also backed up the upgraded skin directory because I had made changes to some tpl files. In the upgrade center you can see what files have been modified and if you’ve made changes to any of your tpl files as I did (top.tpl for example) you can upload the original if things are not looking as you’d like them to. In any case you will have backups.

Yap, I also changed several tpl files. I’m going to check the changelog and gain some courage to upgrade…:-?

With my upgrade to 2.07 I found several changes made to the styles.css file… I assumed coping from backup would work as in past. I ended up having to delete and completely re-install the updated skin and use a docdiff on my 2 files.

Luckly, I have documented all my changes made to css and template files.

I just read in the forums about a my changes addon, which would have been handy if I knew more about it and how it worked before the upgrade. Apparently you can have just your changes in a css and it will apply over the main css template. I need to test and read up more on this.

I have My Changes addon installed, but I don’t know what it does or how it does it…so, if anybody knows how to work with it, some clues will be highly appreciated.

E.Qi.Librium Can you PM me please. I took a look at your store and noticed it os Portuguese store I belive. Since Im portuguese as well I need to know one think you did on your store that Im not capable of.


Ok, just sent you a PM…:wink:

I got this cute message in my 2.06 saying to upgrade, so I did, now my store is closed and all screwed. up. I don’t know what to do. this happens every time I upgrade and now its going to be weeks before they finally get passed the language barrier to fix it. What do I do? How do I even start?

I was forced to buy a new license even though my web designer I hired had one, so I bought one under threat, and nothing. I hardly get a response, it takes 10 messages just to get my point across, otherwise there’s days of back and forth before I get any resolution.

But from what I have heard you can revert the upgrade. I don’t know how because I have never done it, but I have read a lot of complaints regarding upgrades and all users say that the problems went away after reverting it.

In your admin panel, you must have some tool to do that.

I wrote an addon to solve exactly this type of problem. However, I was accused of blatant advertising for offering it at a 50% discount to this forum! Hence the original posting was deleted. If you are interested, you can checkout this link: [url][/url]

Essentially it allows you to create a ‘revision’ of an existing skin and then allows you to view your development on a revision without having to turn it on in the store (customer view). Then, when you’re ready, you just make it the current skin. You can also specify what skin to upgrade versus it always upgrading the active skin. There are some dangers and some benefits to this but I think the benefits outweight the dangers, especially considering how easy it is to switch skins. It’s built for developers, not really for store administrators.

You can download and review he Skin Revisions User Guide from the Attachments area on the item detail page.