affiliate system..

I am trying to setup my affilaite system…

So far everything is workin fine… I am just about to make it public…

Except that when an affiliate (I setup my own) logs in and clicks to view banners.

The center col isn’t able to display things correctly…

My site displays the banners section in the middle of the site (left col is menu, right other block including the affiliate block.)

The worst is if the affiliate clicks to view Graphic Banners, since I have setup the standard web banner sizes I have a banner 468 px wide in the first cell of the table.

All the other info is being pushed off right.

I don’t believe I have done anything unusual in my styling (every other part of the site seem able to display the data)

Has anyone else run into a problem displaying the banner images to affiliates?

Can anyone tell me how I might be able to setup the template for this section to display 1/2 size images in the page?

Also my product list is rather long… can’t this be shown in a short format?