Affiliate System - Will it do this?

Hi guys, first post so be gentle with me!

Here is my affilliate scenario:

I would like affiliate’s to earn a % commission from products that I assign to them in admin. The way I would like them to earn commission is by when a customer comes on to my site by whatever means (not neccessarily from an external link from the affiliate) and purchases that specific product (the one I have assigned to the affilliate).

So basically the affilliate receives commission on the purchase of a pre-assigned product by any random customer.

Is this possible with the stock cs-cart and if so how do i set this up please? I have trawled through the kb and the documentation but sadly I am not getting anywhere with this. Maybe I am asking too much from the affilliate system. I have no idea what product groups and groups for products is all about. My hair (what’s left of it) has turned grey and my partner is not talking to me because I have spent so much time these past few days trying to figure this all out!

One last thing, if this is indeed possible will it also work for downloads?

My overall aspiration is to allow ‘affiliates’ to upload digital downloads to sell on my site and earn commisson from the sales of them. I have created an ‘upload area’ that is only accessible to affiliates (having created a unique user group for them) and I am manually approving/declining their uploads off site. Assuming their uploads are approved I am creating a digital download product with their upload. I then assign this product to that affilliate…

I hope this all makes sense.