affiliate system defunct

what do you see wrong in there ?

basically nothing works in affiliate addon…

is it me or very poor coding in this system ?

since when is ? an argument seperator ? since when even do you use & … it's & first of all… not ?

also nothing works , wherever you put this code it doesnt work in 2.2.4

plus… all link from tabs to switch categories/products url etc etc have so many bugs they are broken,…


{* $Id: affiliate.tpl 9353 2010-05-04 06:10:09Z klerik $ }

* block-description:affiliate **}

{if $auth.is_affiliate}


Can't address the overall “doesn't work issue”, but if you look at the fn_url() function you will see that any question marks or ampersnds are parsed out and then re-applied after a proper url is built and returned.