Affiliate - Promotion setup

Hi CS Forum,

I am interested in setting up an Affiliate plan where they earn 10% of a converted sale price.

I want them to have a code or some proof at customer checkout that they recommended the sale.

I also want to link a 5% discount to the customer through the affiliate's 10% recommendation.

In affiliate plans, I have tried to add a promotion discount I setup.

However it is only displaying the default free delivery for orders over £100 discount to link. - No sign of the 5% discount coupon.

Also, the coupon is immediately announced and assigned to the cart when you go to the cart. - I want this to be exclusively for the affiliate.

(I have it set as a new customer use once coupon, but don't want it declared for anyone)

Any thoughts?


Just wondering if anyone can shed light on a workaround for this 5%/10% Affiliate Discount.

Please can someone shed light on this or is there a more appropriate Topic section this should be in?

Is there any reason why someone can't even write to say whether it's possible or not?

I've been on this forum for about a month now and despite being an amateur coder, I've tried to help people through sharing my experiences on their subject.

Not one person has offered any advice in return.