Affiliate program ?

Hi guys,

I am new to CS cart, at the beginning , i was attracted by the CS cast , because it is built-in a affiliate program .

However, when my turn to operate it, I have put all the products to the affiliate . At the moment , i registered an affiliate account but i could not find any promotion product or any link to get in promotion stuff.

Please help …:frowning:


P.S. I see from the admin panel , the status of the affiliate is “Awaiting approval (Change) “

But how to change it to” approved” .

By the way , i am using the trial version cs cart .

Maybe the problem can be there: using a TRIAL VERSION of Cs-cart.

I know there are some restrictions when you use the trial version. Maybe this is one of them.

I need to get more information about the NEW system and the affiliating programm so I can not help you at this moment.