Affiliate program tracking

I have set up the affiliate program and am trying to test it. I have created an affiliate account, taken the code from a banner and put it on a separate website. So far so good.

When I go to that site and click on the banner I am taken to the product page but the URL ( truncates to the

I've tried to do this on private browsing so that the old cookie wouldn't apply and it looks the same.

Is this correct? How can CS-cart track the transaction like this? I've set it so that clicks would be paid also but don't see any information that the clicks are being recorded.

Any suggestions or ideas?


Are there any ideas? Is anybody running a successful affiliate program using cs-cart?

I've never had any luck getting the affiliate program to work either.

I was just setting it up and it's working fine actually. When testing always use a 2nd browser (I use opera with cache turned off for all this sort of stuff) that's NOT logged in to the admin.

You don't even have to make a banner, you can just copy & paste the text banner in your browser. It forwards to the selected category, and the click should show up in your admin area.

Also see this nice tutorial from alt-team: [url=“CS-Cart Affiliate Add-on”][/url]

Thanks. I will give this another go over the next week or so.

OK, it's working. Definite user error so thanks for the inspiration to go back and take another look. I wasn't checking the Commissions for Approval.

Now I just have to create the banners to make it easy for people to sign up and create some FAQs to explain how to sign up.

This is great news. I have a 2nd business starting and have been considering X-cart as an alternative largely for this issue.

Thanks all.