Affiliate problem

I am not able to get commissions to show for affiliates. I thought I had tested it after the upgrade to 2.1.2 however now I can't get it to work. I tried creating a new plan and a new affiliate to no avail. I know it is hard to diagnose without knowing all the details but perhaps you can tell me if I'm missing something obvious.

I'm adding aff_id=1234 to the url. Does this still work? Do I need to add something else to this for this version?

The commission is for percentage of purchase price. I put 10% in “Payout Sales” and added a number of products to the products tab with 15% or 20% for those that had a larger commision.

Both affiliates are approved and assigned to a plan (I tried two different plans)

Affiliate under Addons is active

What I am doing is clearing all the cookies from my brower, then going to a product url with the added aff_id like so:


I also tried putting the aff_id at the end of the url.

After I purchase the items in my cart, nothing shows up in the commissions. Am I missing something?

I had another affiliate plan that was working but it was not in use so I deleted it. Now I can't get one to work.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.