Affiliate/Partner Mod information

I have been using cs-cart for about 2 years and have never used this mod before - but have been reading some posts and looking around and I just wanted to confirm a few things.

If someone signs up to be an affiliate - do they have a link that they can then advertise as their own? For example if my site is

Will the registered partner have a unique link like that they can advertise in their own manner?

Can the affiliate can sign in and select products they want to advertise - or is it just creating banners?

I am just not understanding this at all - and my limited knowledge of affiliate programs is that I can register, login, create my customized page to avertise products, when people buy from my page, I get credit etc…

Is this how the cs-cart version works?

Thanks very much in advance for any replies

The affiliate/partner mod is a banner-based system; your partners do not have a unique link which provides access to your entire store. You create your various affiliate programs and banner ads which your affiliates can then use by copying the resulting javascript code available to them when they log in at Here they can select which products or categories that they wish to feature on their own site(s).

I personally wish that I could restrict items to specific partners which would allow me to offer exclusives to different partners.



Thanks for the reply and information - was hoping for a different answer :slight_smile: but thats life I guess - so the current setup is nothing like I want at all.

Much appreciated


Is that just a banner module then? No attachable link ID in the end of a simple URL? I want people to be able to affiliate to my store in every way they can, posting their links as forum signature, etc. It doesn’t really matter. I want maximum exposure to my shop.

Can someone confirm that this is limited to some products/categories only? Because that is not what I had in mind…

Besides, the banners created by default themselves look really bad, there’s no option to style them. Not to mention the unnecessary javascript that isn’t really posting friendly…

“Is that just a banner module then?” >> Can someone confirm that? :mad:

is there a way to demo this part?

is it banner only, can they pick parts. id like to find out excaclty how it works as well and how the affiliate can sell



If this is banner only - well that’s just silly! Looking into this matter right away as this would be a deal breaker of us using it for my main job as we have a roll-out of 500 parish affiliates and they need to be able to use their partner ID to adjust the store appearance and include their parish name on the front…

UPDATE: Here’s what I have discovered…

This does seem to register as an affiliate on the site - near the bottom of the page a little box appears with a ten letter code - but this code changes regardless of the ## you put in the URL.

The aff_id is directly linked to the user account id. The partner tables include a cf to this ID in associating a user with an affiliate plan.

I would personally rather have this compare to the affiliate user login… since this is how affiliate plans that I have run in the past tend to work… I can cludge that together.

An affiliate does not need to submit a banner code in order to get credit for a sale - the aff_id needs to be in the GET string however… the simplest example is:

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