Affiliate links without JavaScript

Currently the Affiliate Add-on generates Javascript code for our banners and links.




Many of our customers use Wordpress (which prohibits JavaScript code) or they want to make custom banners ofr our products.

Is there a way to create a direct html link to a product/page with the affiliate ID?

(This is not covered in the KB article.)

I use only graphic and text banners and agree that scripts here are not needed at all. Try to change the code and use affiliate links for each banner with tag. For this in the file:


Change the code



{if $smarty.request.banner_type == “G”}

{elseif $smarty.request.banner_type == “T”}




Thank you so much! This worked like a charm!

EDIT: Please disregard. I figured out the answer to my question. Thanks

Hello breezee, I tried this however it still shows the javascript, I'm using CS-CART: version 2.2.5 PROFESSIONAL so I am curious if there was a change with this file since you posting the solution to this… thanks!

PS: I did clear cache files in /var/