Affiliate/coupon scenario

Hello all,

I am new to CS cart. I have some questions regarding the affiliate add-on.

This is what I have set up

an Affiliate named: Jack, his plan is AFF-Jack-Jack which also has coupon code so they can tell people about the website and still get commission.


In promotions i added this

Editing promotion > AFF-Jack_5% > General


Editing promotion > AFF-Jack_5% > Conditions

Coupon code:20poff

Once per customer: Yes

Editing promotion > AFF-Jack_5% > Bonuses

is set to “By percentage of original price” and “20%”


In Affiliate Plans i added this

Editing plan > AFF-Jack-Jack > General

Name: AFF-Jack-Jack

Coupon commission should override all the others: yes

Payout sales: 10%

Editing plan > AFF-Jack-Jack > Coupons

Coupon: AFF-Jack_5%

“Coupon commission” 5%


Here is a scenario and questions.


If Jack send's Bob to my website and Bob check out using coupon code “20poff”

Bob gets 20% off his subtotal.


  1. Does Jack get 5% of Bob's 20% or 5% of Bob's subtotal?

    2-1. Is Bob link to Jack's account so every time Bob orders Jack gets commission?

    2-2. If so does Jack go back to his normal 10% or does he continue getting 5% from Bob?

    2-3. If not his or her way for me to link him manually?

    Thanks in advance for any help.