Affiliate Configuration 2.0

I’m trying to configure an affiliate program in 2.0 and I have the plan setup and affiliates enabled but there is place for an affiliate to sign-up on the storefront?

Am I missing something?

I’ve figured out that if you click on register, you can register as an affiliate from the dropdown.

Is there anyway to make 2.0 more like 1.3.5 where there is a dedicated affiliate signup area.

What I really want is for affiliates to sign up in an area separate from customers. Also, how will it work if the customer is an affiliate?

Affiliate program… from what I can tell, an affiliate can be a customer without an issue. I believe their customer prices are the same as no membership - i.e. you can’t be a wholesale member and an affiliate.

EDIT The above statement is no longer true for 2.0.9 and beyond

When an affiliate logs into the store, they will see an affiliate block on their screen in addition to the regular customer information - we’ll probably stick the affiliate block underneath the my account block…