Affiliate Commission Logging

We have the cs-cart affiliate system setup and we are ONLY using a value in Payout Sales (the other clicks, show banner, etc are set to zero). Is it possible to NOT log every “show” and “click” in the database? I can see this thing filling up the database extremely fast if we get a lot of activity. We only need to log and show the actual payouts (i.e. non-zero amounts in the cscart_aff_partner_actions table).

[font=monospace]Any ideas would be helpful.[/font]

[font=monospace]Thank you[/font]

Hello Hucklebuck,

If it is still actual, please let me know the version of your CS-Cart.

In any way, you can find the following string in func.php file:

$action_id = db_query("INSERT INTO ?:aff_partner_actions ?e", $data);

And add the condition there. For example like this:

if ($action == 'sale' && !empty($data['amount'])) {
$action_id = db_query("INSERT INTO ?:aff_partner_actions ?e", $data);

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Hope it will be helpful.