Adwords Campaing Disapproved Due To Low Speed On Cs Cart 4.3.4

I have cs cart 4.3.4 hosted on a vps

3 Core CPU


and started an adwords campaign.

After few days google disaproved my ads as the speed of the website is too low

on mobile is around 63/100 it should be more than 65/100

I mention that I have enabled xcache, mod deflate.

I wanted to use apcu with redis but they said that is not supported by whm/cpanel

Could you help me to improve the speed of the website at least on mobile to be eligible for adwords capgaing?

Did anyone installed apcu and redis on cpanel/whm? as my hosting company says are not compatible with cpanel/whm

First thing I'd do is add memory to your server. I would recommend a minimum of 4GB to run a commercial instance of cs-cart with average small-market traffic. If you have lots of imagery (and therefore runtime resizing for mobile devices) then you might need more memory depending on the size and format of your original images.

If you have SSH access to your VPS, run a 'free' command during your normal business traffic hours and see how much free memory you have left. I would spend money on memory long before I'd spend money on CPUs. Just my two-cents (and supporting serveral hundred cs-cart clients).

Note that caching will trade off memory for file activity and/or CPU activity. But external caching will use more memory. So if you're starting with not enough, adding caching will actually just make the problems worse.

Yes it helps some memory but still not the best speed.

3-4 seconds. I am aiming at about 1- 3 seconds maximum

did you use apcu and redis>?

do you think cs cart 4.3.5 will be better in terms of speed?

What about php 7

Honestly after 5 years with cs cart and with speed issues I am in the situation to decide wether to keep cs cart or to chose another platform....

As I am loosing clients, my competition get better ranking due to their website speed, mobile friendly etc.

My guess is that you either have many product features active and/or use several different languages. Both of these can impact speed. Features especially since they are difficult to index properly due to them being pretty much dynamic (and empty values are applied to all products). So if you have 40 features available on your site. every product will have those 40 features whether the feature is applicable to that product or not.

It would require detailed investigation of your site to determine performance issues. It can also be 3rd party addons that delay a page load either through improper coding or external network references.

I have cs cart 4.3.4 hosted on a vps

3 Core CPU


I wanted to use apcu with redis but they said that is not supported by whm/cpanel


Your server's performance seems to be enough to avoid such problems with CS-Cart, but the page load time has hundreds factors that may influence.

First of all, let me ask a several questions abour your site:

1) How many products, caterogies and product features do you have?

2) What is approximate daily traffic?

Few words on CPanel & server tuning: yes, CPanel adds some restrictions to the ability of server configuring. You can find here on forum technical specialists that may investigate the problem directly on your server, also you may want to apply a request to our technical support team - they will also investigate a problem.

Add memory. 2GB is insufficient. IMHO. Cores are a lot less important when site is memory starved.

Suggest minimum of 3 and preferably 6GB. With 2GB, you're throttling mySQL so it can't keep what it needs in memory.