Advise and doubts for CS CART ultimate


What would be the right way to set up 2 shops on ultimate version if the main shop will have all products and second shop will have only 1 category identic category from the main shop…

if I understand it right here are the steps

  1. Create first shop
  2. Import products for main shop (should it be All shops mode or Main shop mode???)
  3. Create second shop (sharing everything during instalation…)
  4. Now I want to share only ONE catergory with (for example) 200 items with shop 2. Do I have to create new category in the second shop, tick 200 items in root mode and assign them to the new category in the second shop? is it possible to share entire category between 2 shops easier?

    Can I just share category of the main shop without creating new category in shop 2 and assigning products to both categories ???

    if the main shop product has price 0 and has many variants with its prices, after sharing, in the second shop you can see all these variants but it sais Consult the price, but in the main shop it picks up the first available price of the variant (as should be)… Is it a bug or I need to change something after sharing…?

    P.S. Ultimate looks like very good and powerful version, but it needs more manuals / information on how to setup shops, share product, categories… with step by step examples

AFAIK you can not share whole categories. Only products. IMHO this is a major mistake in the design of CS-Cart and I really hope that this will be resolved in a future release. Its great that we can now share products between stores, but by having it for products only this means a massive workload.

I have one master store with thousands of products and many other stores that need categories from the master store. But it seems like that I need to manually assign these thousands of products to each store, instead of just assigning categories to stores.

You are right it is not always practical just to share product and not entire categories…

By the way did you try to import shared products separately for every store assigning new categories? or the ONLY possibility is to share them manualy (not really good solution for thousands of products)?

Im currently using another system and am going to manually enter all products. Sounds like a crazy task, but this gives us the opportunity to update everything. However, after entering them into the system they indeed need to be manually shared on a per product basis.