Advice On Upgrading

Ok ya’ll I need some serious advice here. :o

I have version 1.3.2 SP2. I no longer see the upgrade to SP4 in my file area - only the one for 2.1.8. I read in this forum that I’d need to upgrade to SP4 first then to the latest, but since that’s no longer an option, I’m guessing I need to rebuild my store from scratch in the new version.

I’ve installed the latest in a new directory so my old store is still live. But what’s the best way to proceed? Can I somehow integrate the two by comparing files or just rebuild the new? Also I only see an import for product information but not for customers or orders.


Just tell cs-cart what you are doing through the helpdesk and the will provide you all the updates that you need.

With the updates, just follow the directions in the knowledgebase and you should be all set.

Be sure to test everything on a test site first.


and another tip would be convert and upgrade you 1.3.5 database to 2.1.x or whatever version, import it in a 2.1.x install and then re-export the products and orders or what ever you need to a clean csv and then use that clean file to re-import them in the desired database. in my experience it led to much cleaner database.

I might be wrong but my database seemed to perform much better that way…but it could be a coincidence.