Advice on the new v3 homepage set up

I am on the edge of a nervous breakdown! I am used to the old version and have a site set up fine but on my new site with this version I can not get it to work :(

I am trying to add blocks to my homepage but it just keeps telling me…

[color=black !important]This container is NOT used. Top container from the default location will be used instead. Set this location as default to use this container as top for all locations.[/color]

[color=black !important]But if I set this as default it messes all the page up.[/color]

[color=black !important]If I add blocks to the central container on the default page then they either vanish or dont actually show up on the web page. what am I doing wrong?[/color]

Hello EI_Marco1983!

Have you tried to add a block to a Homepage location in a central container? Block appears fine. Top container and bottom container are supposed to be the same for all pages, that is why you can't make changes in a top container for a homepage only.

Best regards, Alt-team