Advice On Setting Up A Product That Includes Another Product With Options

I’m back again :) trying to sort out another problem i have trying to get my head around adding a product, the difference is this time the product has options to include other products. I’ll not specify the actual product as probably nobody will have an idea of what it is so i’ll use a charm bracelet as an example instead.

You would have the main product which is the Charm Bracelet which would include say 4 charms. I would need 4 options so they could choose what charms to choose from.

But i also sell the charms on their own so they are their own product and i would need to keep track off inventory for both products.

I dont know if i’m thinking too much of this and i’m over complicating it but i just keep drawing a blank of how to set both the charms up and the charm bracelet.

I would really appreciate it if anybody has any similar items/products to let me know how they have set their own up.



You can't do this with default CS-Cart. The only add-on that I know of that does what you want is this one:

Product packages: CS-Cart add-on by Cart-Power

It's been out for a year, and has been kept current. It's discussed here:

Cart-Power Add-On: Product Packages - Third-Party Add-ons - CS-Cart Community Forums

hi Magpie Don,

I have that very addon, but i am still struggling to work out how to get the products sorted. The problem is that you cannot add the secondary product more than once.

So if you have a product that has options for a list of charms say teddy bear, dolphin, heart and flower you could only add that product to the package once which is no good where some of the items i need have up to 8 different options :(

Am i better off getting in touch with cart power do you think and see if they know of a work around?