Advice Needed for Global vs. Product Options

I’m in the process of moving a site to CS-Cart. The cart has 3,600 products, and each has a few options. Most of the option types overlap (color, size, etc.). In the previous cart, we used global options exclusively, and that worked fine.

Here are the issues…

  1. Using the Import function, it seems there is no way to attach products to global options. So we’re stuck with product-specific options if we want to do a bulk import.
  2. Using the Import function, there is no way to create option modifiers (e.g. Size XXL is $5 extra).
  3. Using the Import function, and creating options attached to each product, creates an option variance table with 40,000 rows. I’m concerned about performance with a table this large.

    So my question is, is there any way of doing a bulk assignment of global options and variants to products?

    …and any other tips on managing options in CS-Cart would also be appreciated.