Advertising Marketing (Website Pros .com)

For $80 a month, I’m thinking of starting a marketing campaign with

Are they any good? Is it worth it?

If not, any recommendations?

I am going to start by saying I have never used, so I cannot comment on there business.

But I am speaking from my experience, when I started selling on line I tried one of these services and this is what I found.

Search Engine Submissions: You can do that for your self. Have you submitted your site to DMOZ, it is had to get in but if you get in it is a good thing.

Banner Advertisement:
The problem I found with this is that I did not know what site the banners were listed on, and the traffic was of low quality. Try finding websites that is related to your products and ask for a links, some mite ask for a fee, would be surprise what kind of good deal you can get.

Ongoing Marketing Support: The best information I got about marketing my site was from reading forums. I was able to see what work or what did not work for other people.

Listed below are some of the forums I read:

Once again I just wanted to make it clear I have never used I am just speaking from my experience with similar service, also my experience my not be the same as yours you could always test it and if you don’t see results move on.

Also if I know what you can maybe we could give you some ideas.

Do you know of any good marketing packages that contain SEO, adwords, etc that you pay monthly for?

I wouldn’t give money anywhere you havn’t heard of, search the net for some good SEO websites, forums ect… and poke around to see what they say ect…

try web ceo…a free seo program best program ive ever used so far

Shazer listed three great forums there. I’d encourage everyone to browse through them for at least a few minutes per day. You will learn a lot.